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Hybrid Synergy Drive® is the world's leading hybrid technology, delivering all the power needed for dynamic acceleration and a genuinely impressive driving experience, yet reducing fuel consumption and emissions when compared to similar sized vehicles.


How Hybrid Synergy Drive® Works

Hybrid Synergy Drive® is smart technology with the ability to sense the demand on the engine and automatically switch the car between petrol and electric power, or when needed, combine both for maximum efficiency, which guarantees an uncompromised driving experience while also minimising fuel consumption and pollution from exhaust gases. When the petrol engine is running, it charges the battery. And when the car brakes, energy is converted to electricity for the car to use later.

Because the battery receives plenty of charge from the petrol engine when coasting and from the regenerative braking system when slowing down, our hybrid cars never need plugging in to a mains supply.

The sophisticated engine management system even recognises when the car is stationary and switches off to conserve power, automatically switching back on again when needed.

Both the petrol powered combustion engine and the electric motor in our hybrid cars have been improved constantly since the technology was first developed, thanks to our Kaizen philosophy. As a result, each power unit supplies significant amounts of power using the bare minimum of fuel in the process. This makes our hybrids cleaner, quieter and great to drive.


Hybrid Battery

Our hybrid batteries come with a warranty period of 8 years or 160,000km (whichever comes first).

The hybrid battery is a pretty substantial piece of kit, generating and sustaining sufficient voltage to power a car in low speed situations, without any support from the petrol engine.

Continual development means Toyota have managed to reduce the size of these batteries without any reduction in performance.

Regular driving of the car, along with braking or slowing down, automatically recharges the hybrid battery - one reason why you never have to plug into the mains for a re-charge.

Our hybrid vehicles have earned worldwide recognition as efficient vehicles. With the environmental benefits offered by driving a Toyota hybrid, combined with the long battery life expectancy and our commitment to recycling (arranged through a Toyota dealership at no cost to owners), it's easy to see why.


Car Performance

Hybrid Synergy Drive® delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance. The intelligent energy management system seamlessly matches the car's petrol engine with its electric motor. Each power unit either supports the other or takes over completely, depending on the driving situation.

With any Toyota hybrid vehicle, the electric motor in the Hybrid Synergy Drive® system generates more than enough power to drive the car on its own. The petrol engine kicks in whenever the driving situation demands more power, such as when you accelerate hard, or cruise on the open road at high speed.

And because the battery is kept charged through normal driving and recaptured energy from braking and deceleration, it provides all the power the electric motor will ever need, without ever plugging into the mains for a recharge.

All of which gives you an uncompromised driving experience - maximum performance with all the power you need, along with low emissions and incredible fuel efficiency.

Hybrid Range

Regenerative Braking

With our world-leading Hybrid Synergy Drive®, even braking contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the car. Each time you press down on the brake pedal or decelerate, controllers divert kinetic energy back to the battery for recycling to power the electric motor later on.

In city driving conditions, where continuous stop-start traffic is often the norm, a great deal of energy is recaptured and stored this way, contributing to the overall efficiency of the hybrid car. This also helps to ensure that the battery always has plenty of charge to power the electric motor without ever needing to be plugged into the mains for a recharge.


30 years on from the inception of Hybrid Synergy Drive®, Toyota have continually developed and improved the technology. So much so that in 2012 Toyota made history again by being the first manufacturer to build a racing team purely around hybrid technology for the World Endurance Championship. By 2014 Toyota had won both the Drivers’ and Manufacturer's world championship - the first hybrid to ever achieve such a feat. Today this spirit of innovation lives in every Toyota hybrid, letting you enjoy the uncompromised driving experience that comes from two power sources working together in seamless harmony.

Ingham Toyota New Vehicles Manager

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